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The Work of Artist Peter Lyell Robinson
Peter Lyell Robinson Sculpture Art Paintings Artist
Lyell is the working name of Peter Lyell Robinson. Born in 1962 in Australia, he and his wife live in Somerset, England.
His sculptures are created in bronze, stone, glass and stainless steel. For his paintings he uses acrylic. In 1998 he was elected into The Royal Society of British Sculptors.
The predominant theme of Lyell's expressionist art is the female figurine. His sculptures correspond to a classical style, but the reduction to the 'essential' represents a search for the origin. In his work, the emotional pitch is produced by the omissions, distortions and exaggerations. The subject is intensified by the inner attributes at the expense of its outer attributes. The whole is resolved in a harmony that belies the distortion of the parts. The result is an absoluteness; the sculpture does not speak beyond herself. She is self-contained - luxuriant.
Bradshaw Foundation
Peter Robinson is the Editor of the Bradshaw Foundation. The Foundation provides an online learning resource. Its main areas of focus are archaeology, anthropology and genetic research, and its primary objective is to discover, document and preserve ancient rock art around the world. It is a non-profit organisation based in Geneva.
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